Havant family ‘horrified’ after finding e-cigarette in a box of chicken Kievs

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A FAMILY was left ‘horrified’ after finding an e-cigarette in a box of chicken Kievs from Tesco.

The parents were cooking dinner when they noticed the e-cigarette in two pieces in the bottom of the box.

‘We and everyone else have been horrified by this,’ they told BBC News.

‘We have kept quiet for a month about it but are now unhappy with the outcome as we feel something somewhere has been overlooked in the factory during the packing process as the box was sealed when we bought it.’

The family, who did not know what the item was at first, complained to their local store which then gave them a £10 voucher and chocolate for the children.

In a letter, Tesco told them: ‘We cannot accept liability for the e-cigarette you found in the Kievs.’

Since then the family have reported the incident to the Tesco customer support helpline and received a £50 voucher.

A Tesco spokesperson said: ‘We take great care when preparing our products and have robust quality processes in place during preparation and packaging, so we were very surprised to hear of this unusual incident.

‘Having investigated fully with our supplier, we have concluded that it’s unlikely the e-cigarette was sold within the packaging, and provided a gesture of goodwill for the inconvenience of the issue.’

The family added: ‘The report from the factory isn’t verifiable from our point of view nor any regular maintenance of the metal detectors, as no actual documentation of tests have been presented to us.

‘All we are taking is their word for it.

‘Many people we’ve spoken to have had the impression that perhaps a disgruntled employer at the factory had planted it there, as it’s not the kind of object to coincidentally fall into a box.’

An environmental health officer is due to call the family this week.