Havant radio station spreading its wings

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FOR years the radio signal has been scratchy – but those days could soon be over for a popular nostalgia station.

Havant-based charity Angel Radio is applying to Ofcom for a full-time licence to broadcast to the Portsmouth area.

The station is doing a special broadcast until Friday on 87.9 FM to gauge people’s views across the area on what they want to hear at the station.

Sandra Taylor, a regular listener from Copnor, said: ‘I’m one of the lucky ones because I can listen to Angel on my digital DAB radio, but lots of people still only have their old FM radios and the signal from Havant is very scratchy.

‘I think it’s because Portsdown Hill is in the way. It would be wonderful if everyone in Portsmouth could hear the lovely old music on Angel Radio whatever sort of radio they own.’

Tony Smith, the station’s founder, said: ‘We want to give people in the area a one-week taster of what we have been providing for older people in the borough of Havant for the past 12 years.’

Angel Radio is on 101.1 FM.