Hawks footballer loses out in The Chase

Nic Ciardini in action for the Hawks
Nic Ciardini in action for the Hawks
At 23 years old is Flame the oldest cat in Hampshire?

At the age of 23, is Flame the oldest cat living in Hampshire?

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HAWKS footballer Nic Ciardini failed to win cash on quiz show The Chase.

The Havant and Waterlooville midfielder, pictured, appeared on the ITV1 show yesterday but lost after being caught by chaser Shaun Wallace.

Nic, 25, answered one right question in the first round getting £1,000. But when facing the chaser he opted to go for £41,000 meaning he was a step further away from safety.

He answered two questions wrongly including ‘Who was leader of the Soviet Union during the period known as the “Great Terror?” and ‘In 2014, which animals were returned to the New Forest for the first time in nearly 300 years?’

The answers were Joseph Stalin and wild boar.