Hayley’s tattoo tribute to Robin Williams

Hayley Patterson's tattoo
Hayley Patterson's tattoo
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DEVASTATED Robin Williams fan Hayley Patterson has paid the ultimate tribute to the actor – by getting an eight-inch tattoo of him on her thigh.

The lifelong fan has always wanted a tattoo of the star, intending to tweet it to him and show him how important he was to his fans.

But the comic died last Monday, before she had a chance.

Now, social worker Hayley has had a picture of him inked on to her thigh in his memory.

The 23-year-old said: ‘Robin Williams has been a hero of mine since I was a baby and the very first film I saw was Hook. It’s still my firm favourite.

‘I was going to get the tattoo done and keep posting an image of it online and basically harass him until he saw it.

‘Unfortunately that never got a chance to happen so when I heard he had died I knew I had to get it done now. It will be a permanent memorial to him.’

Hayley, who lives in Queens Road, visited Wesley Lambe, co-owner of The Ink Doctors Tattoo Studio in Elm Grove, Southsea, to get the portrait of the actor inked on her thigh.

The tattoo depicts him in his role as the character of Peter Pan from the 1991 film Hook.

She says the tattoo depicts Williams as she wants to remember him – a smiling actor who transported her to another world.

Hayley said: ‘It cost £250 and is about eight inches so it did take a few hours.

‘I will admit, it did start to hurt in the last 20 minutes or so but it was worth it for Robin.

‘I woke up early the day he news broke and it was devastating.

‘I had texts, missed calls and loads of messages on Facebook about it.

‘Luckily I had the day off that day. I was in bits and ended up watching six of his films back-to-back starting with Hook.

‘When I was little I used to watch it religiously so that once I’d finished it, I’d just rewind the tape and watch it from the beginning again.

‘Robin was incredible and he brought the film to life so much that when I saw Mrs Doubtfire, I ran to my mum and asked her why Peter Pan was dressed like that.

‘I believed he was Peter Pan but to be fair I was only about two-years-old.

‘After that I just got into all of his films from Jumanji, Aladdin, Jack – I just loved them all.

‘He appeared on screen to me like a favourite uncle – the heart of the family.

‘Even his darker films I thought were brilliant. He was an incredible actor.

‘This past week just goes to show how many people admire him like I do –you only have to look at the tributes to realise how important he was to so many people.’