Hayling Island Bookshop gets boost from Sir Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett at Hayling Island Bookshop to sign copies of his latest book 'Nation''. Also pictured is Marie Telford, the shop owner
Terry Pratchett at Hayling Island Bookshop to sign copies of his latest book 'Nation''. Also pictured is Marie Telford, the shop owner
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ONE of the smallest independent bookshops in the country has been given a huge boost by fantasy author Sir Terry Pratchett.

Sir Terry, author of the popular Discworld series, has nominated the Hayling Island Bookshop to be the supplier of his chosen favourite books on a new social media site.

Penguin Random House UK has today launched My Independent Bookshop – a consumer book recommendation website where people can share their favourite reads.

Sir Terry’s site links to the tiny Mengham bookshop if people want to buy them.

He was a guest at the shop in 2008 and it made a big impression on him.

He said: ‘Independent bookshops supported this jobbing genre author long before the geeks were let out of their wardrobes.

‘Being able to support these talented retail wizards through My Independent Bookshop is a very, very good thing.’

Sir Terry has named his own fantasy and science fiction-themed bookshop Narrativia after the goddess of inspiration he invented.

Describing what inspired Narrativia’s opening collection Sir Terry said: ‘These books are so close to me that I panic when I don’t know where they are and so have multiple copies of each – some to give away to friends and others to keep’.

His 12 recommended reads range from American Gods by Portsmouth-born Neil Gaiman, to The Flight of Dragons by Peter Dickinson which he describes as ‘a family favourite’. Other books on the list include A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams and The Specialist by Charles Sale.

Marie Telford, owner of The Hayling Island Bookshop which is just 3m sq, said: ‘We were absolutely astonished, delighted and honoured to hear that Sir Terry had chosen our tiny bookshop to be linked to his personal bookshop containing his favourite books.

‘We hosted Terry on Hayling in 2008 for the launch of his book Nation and we are so pleased that he is helping independent bookshops to extend their reach in this way.

‘We hope many of the readers will come and visit us in person 

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