Health and safety boss backs mobility scooter rider’s complaint to McDonald’s

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THE head of the Health & Safety Executive has applauded a woman who challenged officials after being banned from using her mobility scooter at a drive-through.

Kate Legg, 76, from Leigh Park, was told she could not use the drive-through lane at McDonald’s in Bedhampton for health and safety reasons.

McDonald’s said its lanes are not built for mobility scooters and customers who use them should go inside the restaurant but later apologised to her.

Today, the chairwoman of the HSE, Judith Hackitt, has said she salutes the pensioner for challenging the ban.

In a letter published in The News today, she says: ‘I salute Kate Legg for challenging officials who cited ‘health and safety’ as a reason why she couldn’t use her mobility scooter at a McDonald’s drive-through.

‘As she points out so eloquently, health and safety regulations are there to ensure workers come home to their loved ones, safe and well, after their day’s work – and have nothing to do with this matter.

‘At HSE, we get told about hundreds of similar cases of misuse of ‘health and safety’ every year.

‘They are nothing more than a ruse to stop perfectly legitimate activities from taking place – a smokescreen for the real reason, which is often just bad customer service or a fear of being sued.

‘Everyone should follow Kate Legg’s lead.

‘Don’t accept this nonsense.

‘Kate Legg - I’m lovin’ it! .’