Heartbreak after five cats go missing from same Portsmouth road

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RESIDENTS fear cats are being killed or stolen in Buckland after at least five of them have gone missing from a single road in the past two months.

David Kelly, 57, of Cressy Road, has lost two out of his three cats, and began to suspect something sinister was going on when he saw a sign for other lost pets in a corner store.

Dave Kelly's cat CoCo is one of those missing

Dave Kelly's cat CoCo is one of those missing

Mr Kelly said: ‘I believe somebody’s either shooting them or taking them and selling them on.

‘I know cats are wondering animals but Coco never left the garden, you could always go to the back door and call her and she’d be there.’

Mr Kelly said his four-year-old Tonkinese cat called Coco and a three-year-old tabby called Tussy had both gone missing in the last two months.

He said the disappearances were heartbreaking for both himself and Carol Cobb, the 64-year-old woman he lived with.

‘It’s really dragged us both down something terrible.

‘We’ve been here 30 years and we’ve never had any problems.

‘It’s just a bit confusing and we’d like to put out a bit of a warning to other people in the neighbourhood.’

Another Cressy Road resident, Lurayne Barber, also lost her cat, Poppy.

Ms Barber said the 20-year-old black cat disappeared about four weeks ago.

She said: ‘I really miss her. She didn’t really wander outside and that’s why I think it’s really strange. If I hear a cat meowing outside I call out just in case it’s her, but it hasn’t been in four weeks.’

Mr Kelly said he had heard of at least two other missing cats in Cressy Road.

Ian Manby, who lives in nearby Seymour Close, has been missing his ginger cat Jack since April 24.

He said: ‘He was a gift to my daughter after my wife died in March.

‘He was used to the house but one night he went out and never came home.’

A police spokeswoman said the missing cat cases had been allocated to a police community support officer.

Lost and Found Pets in Portsmouth pet rescuer Penny Parker, of Cosham, said it difficult to say what could be behind the disappearances.

Ms Parker said: ‘Is it a fox, dog baiters, or air guns?

‘Is some weird person plucking cats off the street then dropping them off miles from their homes for a sick joke?

‘Who knows, but it is very strange.’

But Kirsty Jones, an administrator of Lost and Found Pets in Portsmouth, said she doubted there was someone behind the disappearances.