Heartbreak for pet owner whose dog is savaged to death in Gosport

SAD George and Elaine Sanderson with Ellie, the dog that escaped the attack''                  Picture: Paul Jacobs (123028-6)
SAD George and Elaine Sanderson with Ellie, the dog that escaped the attack'' Picture: Paul Jacobs (123028-6)
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A WOMAN has spoken of her heartache after a beloved pet died in a dog attack.

Elaine Sanderson was walking her three Yorkshire terriers through Gosport Park when they were savaged by two pit bull terrier-like dogs.

TRAGIC Poppy with her puppies

TRAGIC Poppy with her puppies

The youngest of the 56-year-old’s dogs, 18-month-old Jodie, died instantly, while two-year-old Poppy was left with injuries to her neck.

Her oldest dog, five-year-old Ellie, managed to escape unharmed.

Mrs Sanderson, of Ash Close, said: ‘One of the dogs picked Poppy up by the throat and I couldn’t get it off. I was screaming at it.

‘Then they went for Jodie and killed her outright.

‘I feel very bitter and worried about taking my dogs out any more. I hate the dogs that did it.’

Other dog walkers came to try to help and after a struggle managed to get a lead on the two attacking dogs.

Police have taken the dogs away and put them in kennels while they investigate.

Officers have tracked down the owner.

Mrs Sanderson added: ‘It was horrible. They came bounding over and there was nothing I could do.

‘Poppy went very limp as if she was dead and then they moved on to Jodie.’

Poppy is recovering at the vets with possible internal injuries and cuts to her neck where she was bitten.

Mrs Sanderson now wants to urge people to be careful when walking their dogs in the town.

‘I want people to be aware when they’re walking their dogs around Gosport that this sort of thing happens sometimes,’ she said.

‘I don’t want the same thing that happened to me to happen to someone else.’

The attack happened at about 8am on Friday.

A spokeswoman for Hampshire police said: ‘Police in Gosport seized two dogs following an attack on two other dogs in Gosport Park.

‘The dogs have been taken to kennels, where they will stay while police investigate.

‘The owner of the dogs has been located.’

The attack is one of many to have been reported in the Gosport area in the last year.

In August 2011, Tonia Evans fought off a rottweiler after it attacked her border collie at Fort Gilkicker, in Gosport.

When the 58-year-old tried to pull the animal off her pet, she was knocked into a bush, leaving her with scratches.

There were calls for more council patrols after the incident.