Hello from 328ft in the sky!

David Bland abseiling down the Spinnaker Tower
David Bland abseiling down the Spinnaker Tower
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VETERAN David Bland waves hello from the dizzy heights of Spinnaker Tower.

The 80-year-old abseiled 328ft down the tower to raise £1,200 for Blesma, The limbless veterans national charity.

David lost his right eye in a training accident while serving with the Wiltshire Regiment in 1954.

David, a retired farmer, from Chichester, said: ‘I have been a Blesma Member since 1956 and although losing an eye does not involve as much attention as the loss of one’s arms and legs, Blesma has always been there for me.

‘I feel being a member is a very good insurance throughout my life.

‘My motivation to raise money is to try ensure those who have suffered far more serious injuries than I will be able to continue to receive their full support. I feel safe under the Blesma umbrella as you never know what life has in store. I am trying to think up new ways of raising money.’