Hen Popples is left shell-shocked after laying this huge egg!

WE'RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER EGG CUP Harriet Whitaker with the huge egg that she found.  Picture: Sarah Standing (120654-2247)
WE'RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER EGG CUP Harriet Whitaker with the huge egg that she found. Picture: Sarah Standing (120654-2247)
Pupils from Cliffdale Primary Academy

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LAYING this monster egg must have left Popples the hen eggs-hausted!

When young Harriet Whitaker went out to the family’s chicken run as she does every morning to check if anything had been laid, she couldn’t believe what she had found.

EGG-HAUSTED Harriet with Popples.  (120654-2189)

EGG-HAUSTED Harriet with Popples. (120654-2189)

The giant egg – which measures five inches long, with a circumference of eight inches – dwarfed anything that the Whitaker’s eight hens have ever laid before.

Harriet, eight, said: ‘I’ve never seen an egg that size before.

‘We’ve had bobbly ones or long ones, but never one like this.

‘I thought that maybe it was a magic ostrich that had been in there.’

Mum Teresa Whitaker, of Romsey Avenue in Portchester, said: ‘I was amazed when she first showed it to me. It’s the biggest chicken egg I’ve ever seen.

‘We’ve had the chickens for nearly three years now, but this is definitely a first.

‘We had always talked about getting chickens and we got them for the kids in the end – it gives them something to do and they care for them.

‘They are like pets – we’d never eat one of them.

‘We first got four and it just went from there.

‘The most we’ve had is 10 and in the summer we can get an egg a day from each of them.

‘It drops off in the winter, so it’s been maybe three or four each day.

‘But we treat the neighbours to the eggs when we’ve got some left over and they love it as well.’

The Wicor Primary School pupil wants to be a farmer when she grows up.

She added: ‘I love pigs and I love chickens, I love all animals.’

Harriet even took the egg to school to show her classmates.

Her mum said: ‘She was so excited to take it to school.

‘The other kids were astonished.’

And with the egg weighing in at a hefty six-and-a-half ounces, the family have yet to decide what they will do with it.

Teresa added: ‘Harriet’s dad Bradley and her little brother Clive usually have the eggs we bring in for breakfast in the morning.

‘We’re curious to see if it’s a double yolker or what will be inside – it would make a big omelette.’