Here’s a chance to have your boss arrested

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IF YOU’VE ever wanted to see your boss put in handcuffs, an upcoming fundraiser will give you that chance.

The Fareham-based Rainbow Centre is planning a ‘bail and jail’ event for May 21.

Events fundraiser Sarah Guild has called on businesses to nominate their bosses to take part by agreeing to be ‘arrested’ for a day.

During the arrest, employees band together to raise money.

Ms Guild said: ‘We turn up at their office with the town crier and off-duty police officers in uniform.

‘Then we arrest them for something.

‘For example, it could be criminally-good customer service or being drunk in charge of a bicycle.

‘They’re fingerprinted and have their photo taken and then they’re brought to a secret location.

‘If they’re doing well with their bail money, we’ll give them a really good lunch with champagne and everything.

‘If they’re not they’ll get bread and water.

‘We’ll release them in the early afternoon if they raise enough bail money.’

The Rainbow Centre typically sets the ‘bail’ at £500.

Ms Guild said the centre’s previous ‘jail and bail’ events had been a huge success, raising up to £7,000.

She said: ‘It’s a great way to support our charity without taking the whole day out of the office.’

Ms Guild said businesses wanting to take part can call 01329 289500.