Here’s the long and short of it – Aimee’s hair will raise cash

THAT'S LONG Aimee Chase is having her hair cut to raise cash for a cancer charity.    ''Picture: Steve Reid 112996-904
THAT'S LONG Aimee Chase is having her hair cut to raise cash for a cancer charity. ''Picture: Steve Reid 112996-904
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AT school, Aimee Chase was known to many as ‘the girl with the long hair’.

But now, the 11-year-old is having the first proper haircut of her life to help children with cancer.

Aimee, from Cranleigh Road in Portchester, will have 26in lopped off to donate to the Little Princess Trust.

The charity provides wigs and hairpieces for children who suffer hair loss due to cancer treatment.

‘I’m going up to senior school and I want to do different things with my hair,’ she said.

‘I just thought that I would get it cut. But with so much hair, I don’t want it to go to waste. I’m quite proud of giving it to somebody else who could use it.’

Aimee, who moves from Wicor Primary School to Cams Hill next month, made the decision to donate her hair because her family has friends who have suffered from cancer.

The family will hold a fundraising day at the house while she has her hair cut on Sunday.

It will raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support and Leukaemia and Lymphoma research.

‘I thought I would help them out with what they are doing,’ she added.

‘It’s going to feel weird because I have had long hair for so long and now it’s going to be cut short.’

Mum Amanda, 43, added: ‘She’s going up to senior school and at the moment her hair is quite unmanageable, especially when she goes swimming.

‘She said that she really wanted to have her hair cut.

‘She’s so excited about it. She has been doing a countdown on her calendar.’

Amanda added that people often notice the unusual length of Aimee’s hair.

‘We’ll be walking along the street and we will get comments,’ she added.

‘She’s known at school as the girl with the long hair.

‘I keep thinking I am going to get emotional when she gets it all cut off.

‘I’m proud of her for doing it but excited as well.’

Aimee will have her hair chopped by her cousin Anushka Chase, 21. She will then have it professionally styled.

There will be games and a raffle with prizes including a night in a hotel in London and a bottle of whisky.