Hilsea Lido gets a splash of colour

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THE eye represents a window to show what the Hilsea Lido once looked like.

And the trust behind the outdoor pool hope they can soon restore the attraction to what it used to be.

Hilsea Lido mural painting. Pictured is artist My Dog Sighs painting the eye.''Picture: Paul Jacobs (150508-4)

Hilsea Lido mural painting. Pictured is artist My Dog Sighs painting the eye.''Picture: Paul Jacobs (150508-4)

Five artists were asked to brighten up the Hilsea Lido with graffiti at the weekend.

My Dog Sighs, along with Fark FK, Mimic, Lex and Dharma, were chosen to spruce up the former spectators’ stand and the area above the main block.

Bree Collins, volunteer for the Hilsea Lido Pool for the People Trust, organised it.

She said: ‘I’m absolutely amazed at what the trustees have done here.

‘The artwork is wonderful.

‘The south of the city has the common and we want the lido to be the same sort of space for the north.’

Renowned artist My Dog Sighs and Fark FK worked together to paint the back of the spectators’ block, which can be seen from the M27 and M275 motorways.

The wall has been sprayed a bright blue with the letters L, D and O in a vibrant pink.

The I in the word ‘lido’ has My Dog Sighs trademark feature – a giant eye.

Within that is a reflection of how the lido looked in its heyday.

He said: ‘This is an amazing project to be involved in and I was very honoured to be asked.

‘We’re always looking for walls to work on and this is an excellent space.

‘It’s cliché but it’s said the eye is a window to the soul.

‘We thought about it and came up with the idea to have an image of how the lido once was and have that at the centre of the eye.

‘It’s great to have the history included in the work.

‘But what would be great is to see the lido used by many like it used to be.’

The front of the spectators’ block was done by brothers Mimic and Lex.

Mimic said: ‘We wanted to keep it bright and have “Hilsea lido” written on it too.’