‘His death was sudden and unexpected... it shocked everyone’

MUCH LOVED Liam McKay and his daughter Lexie
MUCH LOVED Liam McKay and his daughter Lexie
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IT WAS just a normal day at work as Liam McKay celebrated a colleague’s birthday with some cakes in the office.

But as he got up from his desk he said he felt light-headed and collapsed.

The 25-year-old, of Puffin Walk, Wecock, who worked at the Southern Electric call centre in Havant, died from sudden arrhythmic death syndrome, a condition where the heart suddenly stops.

His shocked family and friends have paid tribute to larger-than-life Liam – and launched a charity fundraising drive to bring a smile to the face of his heartbroken five-year-old daughter, Lexie. His mum Dawn Bennett, 45, has called for more research into the condition, which may be genetic.

Her son Nathan died in 1986 at just four months old from sudden infant death syndrome.

Experts believe the two conditions may be linked.

‘He (Liam) was a very bright and bubbly person,’ said Mrs Bennett, from Waterlooville. ‘More research needs to be done.

‘Doctors have narrowed it down that it’s more common in boys than in girls.

‘Hopefully more research will find if there’s a link with a missing or additional gene. There was nothing wrong with his organs.

‘It’s basically the brain forgetting to tell the heart to beat.’

More than 300 people attended Liam’s funeral at Portchester Crematorium last year.

Katie Parratt, one of Liam’s closest friends, has now organised a charity fun day at The Colonial Bar in Horndean, where she is manager.

The event, on Sunday, June 3, will include live music, a bouncy castle and fairground rides, and hopes to raise £600 to send Lexie on holiday to Disney World in Florida.

Katie, 18, said: ‘His death was so sudden and unexpected that it shocked absolutely everybody that knew him.

‘Liam was so devoted to Lexie and such a good dad.

‘He would take her to Peppa Pig days and bake cakes with her.’

Mrs Bennett added: ‘Lexie really misses her dad.

‘There’s things that she and dad had planned that will no longer happen and going on holiday was one of them.’