HMS Warrior hosts beer festival with revellers dressed as pirates riding dinosaurs

MORE than 1,300 pirate costume-wearing revellers will take part in a beer festival.

By Pip Collins White
Wednesday, 17th July 2019, 3:39 pm
Updated Thursday, 18th July 2019, 11:45 am
WarriorFest 2018 - onboard HMS Warrior, organised by Staggeringly Good Brewery
WarriorFest 2018 - onboard HMS Warrior, organised by Staggeringly Good Brewery

The beer lovers are heading to HMS Warrior for a beer festival unlike any other, as participants are expected to dress up as pirate riding dinosaurs.

The 420ft long ship will be home to WarriorFest 2019, organised by a dinosaur-themed brewery Staggeringly Good.

Warrior Fest 2019 promises live music and entertainment alongside the festivities and beer.

Paul Judd, the manager of the brewery and WarriorFest, said: ‘HMS Warrior is one of the most iconic and historical sites here in Portsmouth where our Staggeringly Good Brewery is based.

‘It just seemed like the perfect place to host what we hoped would become one of the most unique and amazing beer festivals in the country.’

When asked why Paul organises WarriorFest, he said that ‘the serious answer would be to bring together some of the best breweries and beers from around the world.’

And he added: ‘We also do it because it’s ridiculous, there’s a reason most beer festivals are in village halls. Getting 120 kegs of beer onto an iron-clad warship at low tide is an epic undertaking.

‘Organising amazing live music and food to be available on board and then inviting 1,300 people over two sessions to come and party like a pirate is one of the craziest and yet most brilliant things we could hope to achieve.’

‘We’ve even created our own currency to use on board as beer tokens called the Rex’s Shilling.’

It is due to take place today and tomorrow on board the historic warship at 6.30pm on both days.

Tickets cost £25 online with a booking fee. The event does not have online tickets available for Saturday.

For more information on the self-proclaimed ‘Greatest Beer Festival in History’, please visit