Holidaymakers shocked by Syrian refugee crisis in Greece

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THE ‘hellish conditions’ Syrian refugees face in Greece and Turkey moved a pair of holidaymakers to tears.

Rachael Scammell, of Lee-on-the-Solent, was on holiday with her girlfriend Jemma Kendall, in Bodrum, Turkey, when they came face-to-face with the desperate plight of refugees struggling to survive.

Rachael Scammell, left, with her girlfriend Jemma Kendall,

Rachael Scammell, left, with her girlfriend Jemma Kendall,

Rachael, 22, said their experience came to an emotional head during a day trip to the Greek island of Kos – which was meant to mark Jemma’s 22nd birthday.

After sunbathing, the pair came across a refugee camp, just yards away from the Greek island’s idyllic shores.

‘The hellish conditions reduced us both to tears,’ she said. ‘They were so desperate.’

The couple bought some bananas and bottles of water to give to the refugees.

They soon ran out of supplies and purchased more.

On their return, Rachael said: ‘We were surrounded by people begging for bananas – children begging for food.

‘They kept saying ‘‘family, family, this is for my family’’.

‘They were even fighting for bananas. It was horrible.’

Rachael, who returned home on Sunday, has since posted a video of her experiences on Facebook, which has been watched almost 1,400 times.

It was done in a bid to raise awareness of the crisis.

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