Hollywood star hits beach to film telly advert

ON THE BEACH Film star Kevin Bacon in a TV advert filmed at West Wittering beach
ON THE BEACH Film star Kevin Bacon in a TV advert filmed at West Wittering beach
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MOVIE star Kevin Bacon swapped sunny California for windy West Wittering beach as he filmed his latest mobile phone advert.

The star of Footloose and A Few Good Men spent 10 hours on the beach, near Chichester, dragging a huge ramshackle shed across the sand dunes.

He was filming an advert for EE, the mobile phone giant, which is part of a series of ads.

David Piper is the manager of West Wittering Estate, which owns the beach.

He said: ‘He was here about 10 hours and in my truck for most of the day.

‘He was a nice guy and really interested in where he was.

‘He’d never been here before and he liked it I think.

‘Afterwards he went off to Stoughton to do a bit more filming.’

Bacon was spotted on the beach by fans who took pictures and sent them out on social network sites.

Simon Bassett, owner of X-train watersports school at West Wittering beach, said: ‘When I turned up at the beach for work in the morning, the car park was packed with vans, buses, cars, catering trucks – I thought they were filming a feature film.

‘I saw Kevin Bacon being filmed in front of a specially-constructed beach hut just down from the Windsurf Club and snapped a picture.

‘There were loads of film extras walking around in swimsuits and dressing gowns.’

But Mr Piper wasn’t phased about being in the presence of such a famous actor because the beach is a popular location for films, adverts and photo shoots, drawing celebrities from all over the world.

He said: ‘I actively market the beach as a film location.

‘The week before Kevin Bacon was here we did a Vauxhall Astra shoot.

‘And the week before that there was one for a discount furniture store.

‘We’re used to this kind of thing.

‘A few weeks ago we had French Vogue here and the following week Chinese Vogue.

‘I was driving Bryan Adams around in my car for 45 minutes showing him where he could shoot.

‘I didn’t realise he was a photographer but he owns his own magazine and he wanted to shoot here. It’s the light – it’s beautiful. We get lots of artists too.’

The estate provides pick-up trucks, quad bikes and even medics.

These firts-class facilities make it the ideal location to film for all big film crews.

Other starts to have filmed there include Dakota Fanning, Ray Winstone and Billy Piper.

The EE adverts, which were produced by Saatchi & Saatchi, will run until the end of September.