Homeless dad with cancer still on the streets despite desperate plea for help

Roy Haudiquet
Roy Haudiquet
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A HOMELESS man undergoing gruelling cancer treatment is still on the streets despite a desperate plea for help two months ago.

Roy Haudiquet revealed how he is fighting serious prostate cancer while sleeping rough in stairwells, doorways and bus shelters.

The 53-year-old has been offered temporary housing by the local authority but he has refused it as there is no space for his pet dog Winston, who has been his constant companion for the past five years.

The father-of-three is being treated as a priority by Portsmouth City Council, which owns large swathes of public housing in Leigh Park.

But it could still be several months before a suitable property is found.

Mr Haudiquet still has three more weeks of chemotherapy to go.

He said: ‘I thought I would be first on the list but it seems I’m not.

‘I have seen an empty place and asked them if I can go there and they’re going to look into it for me.

‘Physically it’s very uncomfortable and I’m not doing well. I sit and sleep wherever I can. It’s not nice.

‘I can’t give up Winston. I’ve have him since he was a baby and he would be so unhappy without me he’d die.’

But Mr Haudiquet, who became homeless following the breakdown of a relationship, has been buoyed by the kindness shown to him since The News revealed his plight.

He said: ‘The public have been amazing.

‘A very kind man gave me £50 to spend on Winston and make sure he is comfortable.

‘People constantly stop me in the street and ask if I’ve found a place yet.

‘And the lady who owns the pet shop in Park Parade gave me a dog jacket for Winston and said I can get food whenever I need it. Their kindness has helped me a lot.’

Steve Macer, Portsmouth City Council’s housing options area manager, said Mr Haudiquet has been assessed and registered as a high priority for properties in the areas he is entitled to.

He added: ‘We’re aware of his current medical condition and are conscious that he wants to find a home as soon as possible.

‘We’ll be in touch as soon as we can match him to a property matching his personal choices and eligibility.

‘People with a high priority can normally expect to wait a few months to be matched with their preferred accommodation, but this can vary, depending upon how quickly a suitable property becomes available.’