Horse rescued after making a bolt for it

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FIREFIGHTERS were called to rescue a horse after she tried to jump the barrier in her stable block.

It happened just after 10am yesterday, at Southleigh Farm, Warblington, when Megan the horse spotted another mare outside.

She attempted to jump over the metal barrier but got stuck half way and was found thrashing about in distress.

Vet Robe Lowe from Optivets, which is based at the farm, sedated the animal while Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service’s dedicated animal rescue team worked to free her.

Mark Jones, from Havant fire station, said: ‘When we got there the horse was almost doing a handstand over the railings.

‘They managed to release her quickly by using some pallets they found nearby and created a platform in front of the horse high enough for it to flip its front legs over.

‘She had fairly minor cuts to her back and front legs and head from all the thrashing around so we called a vet down to have a look at her and give her the once over.’

Mr Lowe said: ‘Basically she decided she didn’t want to stay inside any more.

‘She spotted her best friend Sian outside and jumped up to get out and didn’t get all the way across.

‘We sedated her but knew we would need the animal rescue service and they did a great job.’