Hovertravel celebrates 50 years of connecting Portsmouth and Isle of Wight communities

The cross-Solent Hovertravel celebrates 50 years of service today.
The cross-Solent Hovertravel celebrates 50 years of service today.
  • Thousands of daily passangers rely on the service to cross the Solent
  • Hovertravel is the oldest commercial hovercraft in the world
  • Its approach to the shoreline continues to amaze onlookers
  • The News is the only regional newspaper in the country flown overseas
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BRITAIN’S only and the world’s oldest passenger hovercraft company celebrates 50 years of service today.

Founded in 1965, the source of transport became a national phenomenon, connecting people from the shoreline of Portsmouth to the sandy beaches of Ryde.

Within three years of service, it had carried more than a million passangers.

And today its popularity continues to grow.

Loretta Lale, communications and marketing manager at Hovertravel thanked communities for their ongoing support.

She said: ‘This is an exciting chapter for Hovertravel.

‘It’s amazing the amount of support we have had over the years from the communities.’

Initially no timetable was used as the service was run on a demand basis only.

Today Hovertravel has completely transformed.

With pilots no longer responsible for checking tickets, original caravan terminals are now modern buildings fitted with wi-fi, and the service operates all year.

Also The News is recognised as the only regional paper carried by air.

Hovertravel has appreciated vast support from communities in Portsmouth and on the Isle of Wight in the last half a decade.