‘I just remember a white cloud and a huge, horrific noise’

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A STUDENT from Portsmouth has told of her escape from the arena in Manchester.

Speaking to the BBC, Jade, who is studying in Manchester, described what happened as ‘hell’.

She said: ‘I remember seeing a white cloud, a huge horrific noise and everyone was silent, then people just started screaming and running to the exit

‘It was hell. My friends were in a different part of the arena and I was there with mum. The first thought was I had was to get out.

‘As soon as I was outside my friend called me and said she was safe. If my mum hadn’t said “do you want look at the merchandise?” and if I’d said “no”, we would’ve walked to the entrance to Victoria Station to where the bomb exploded.

‘I don’t want to think about what could have been but it would’ve been very different.

‘All I can think about is everyone went to have a good time like myself, young girls and young people with there friends there to have a good time. The fact some won’t be returning home breaks my heart so much.

‘My thoughts are with their family and friends. It’s a horrific time​

‘I think we need time to reflect on what’s happened and why this has happened.’