‘I thought he was going to die on that fairground’, says Gosport mum

Jack Britton (top) with his head sticking out of the edge of the seat
Jack Britton (top) with his head sticking out of the edge of the seat
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A MUM said she fears her son could have died after he was put on a funfair ride without being properly strapped in.

Jack Britton was at HMS Sultan’s Summer Show children’s party in Gosport – which is organised for children with special needs or disabilities.

The 15-year-old suffers from mild autism and decided to go on a funfair ride, run by Peter Burnett’s Funfair, which carries you upside down.

But minutes into the ride, mum Tina Betts realised he wasn’t strapped in properly and that there was a danger he could fall out or be left with a neck injury.

The 40-year-old from Leyland Close in Gosport, said: ‘I didn’t realise at first, but the ride started up and his head was to the side of it. He wasn’t sat in it properly. I asked the guy to stop the ride and he said he was okay.

‘He was going round at such a speed. It was so scary.

‘He wouldn’t stop the ride until I took my phone out and started taking photos.

‘He stopped it before it went upside down because I think Jack would have fallen out.’

Jack collapsed when he got off the ride and was taken to hospital. It was feared he could have broken his collarbone, but was diagnosed with whiplash.

Tina added: ‘He is pretty traumatised by the whole situation. He’s not sleeping. He’s only mildly autistic but there were children with more severe disabilities going on there.

‘If that ride had gone upside down I don’t think Jack would have been here today.

‘I don’t want anyone else to go through that again. I would like to put them to shame. That ride should have been shut straight after the incident.

‘My son has got a massive bruise all down his neck. It’s very upsetting.’

Tina returned to HMS Sultan the next day to ask for contact details but she said the ride attendant swore at her.

She added: ‘I said “thank you for putting my son in hospital”. He came back and said sorry but he didn’t care.’

Peter Burnett, who runs Peter Burnett’s Funfair, said: ‘I have let all the appropriate people know and they are sorting out the problem.’

He said there would be no further comment.

A spokesman for HMS Sultan said: ‘We’re aware of an incident occurring at the HMS Sultan Summer Show which may have resulted in injury to an individual on a fairground ride.

‘We’re not aware of the details and, as such, it would be inappropriate for HMS Sultan to comment.’