‘I was banned from Tesco... for wearing a onesie’

Picture: Malcolm Wells

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A TEENAGER has told of his anger after he claims he was banned from a Tesco store for wearing a onesie.

Jake Parker, 17, was shopping in the Tesco Express store in Elm Grove, Southsea.

Jake Parker

Jake Parker

The teenager lives a short walk away in Pelham Road and had popped in to get some lunch with a friend.

But when he arrived, he was told to leave and return with shoes on and was abused by staff.

Jake said: ‘My mate was in his dressing gown and I was in my onesie. I didn’t have any shoes on.

‘I didn’t know about the rules and regulations about shoes.

‘One of the managers came over and said to go home and put shoes on.

‘It’s my local store. I go in there every single day without fail. Everyone in there knows me.

‘We went home and grabbed our shoes and I went back to get a drink.

‘One of the managers said “you’re banned” and didn’t give a reason. I found that she was pretty rude to me.’

Jake has told The News that one member of staff told him to “go and play in the traffic”.

He said he received a phone call from the customer service department at Tesco informing him that he was banned from the store for the rest of the day and that he should return the following day to discuss the matter with the store manager.

‘I was banned for wearing a onesie and for abusive behaviour,’ he said.

‘They told me I got banned for wearing my onesie and for being dangerous to customers.

‘I’m pretty annoyed if I’m honest because it’s my local shop. All my family go in there. I know all the staff.

‘We go in there and spend a lot of money every day. At the moment I am pretty angry.

‘The customer service is terrible. I did my work experience in a shop and I wouldn’t ever treat a customer like that.

‘At the end of the day, she needs to apologise to me for what she’s done.

‘I should be able to wear whatever I want. I’m from Buckland – everyone wears their pyjamas to the shops. I was only popping in to get a sandwich.’

A spokesman for Tesco said: ‘Colleagues asked the customer to leave the store and put some shoes on, as they didn’t want to risk him stepping on anything sharp.

‘Our store manager has spoken to the customer and the matter has been resolved.’