'˜I was isolated, in pain '“ but Sadie gave me hope'

AFTER being hit by a drunk driver, she thought her life would never improve.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 13th June 2017, 6:55 am
Anastasia-Camille Glover, with her cat Sadie Ellenore

Picture: Christopher Ison/PA Wire
Anastasia-Camille Glover, with her cat Sadie Ellenore Picture: Christopher Ison/PA Wire

However, thanks to a four-legged friend, Anastasia-Camille Glover has rediscovered her love of life.

Sadie Ellenore, a five-year-old cat, was given to her by Cats Protection, as part of their rehoming programme.

Since then, the two have formed an incredibly close bond, and are almost inseparable.

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Now, Sadie is up for a Cats Protection Special Recognition Award, for the positive impact she has had on Anastasia-Camille’s life.

Originally from Texas but now living in Portsmouth, Anastasia-Camille was left severely disabled when she was hit by a drink driver in 2006.

Suffering from a complex regional pain syndrome, she now requires a wheelchair to get around town.

Despite her disabilities, she says that her life has changed for the better since Sadie arrived.

She explained: ‘When I adopted Sadie, I felt like I couldn’t go on.

‘We were very much alike.

‘She was a rescue cat that nobody wanted.

‘Meanwhile, I was isolated, in pain and in a very bad way – I had lost my job, my friends and my family – I had come close to being homeless seven times.

‘Sadie gave me hope.

‘Without realising it, I started to talk to her about my whole life; she basically became my therapist and she gives me so much strength.

‘She really has been my rock and helps me every single day – with her at my side, I hope to be able to achieve everything I set out to do.

‘There are some days when I cannot even get out of bed because of my illness; it is as if she knows it though – she’ll come over and curl up on my bed.

‘It is as if she puts me first, and that is something that I try to replicate.’

Anastasia-Camille says that the therapeutic nature of their relationship has given her a big confidence boost.

She explained: ‘After everything that has happened, she has become my soulmate and without her, I genuinely don’t think I would even be here today.’

The Cats Protection National Cats Awards night is on Thursday, August 3.

Cats Protection’s awards organiser Kate Bunting said: ‘Cats have a remarkable way of helping people cope with all sorts of challenges and it’s wonderful to hear just how much Sadie continues to help Anastasia-Camille cope during such a difficult time in her life.’

To keep up with Sadie’s adventures, go to facebook.com/sadieellenore.