Ice Bucket Challenge for Kings Theatre team

Kings Theatre staff (l-r)  'Alex Love, Natalie O'Hara, Patsy Harvey, Chloe Clark , Phillip Russell and Kelly Haswell
Kings Theatre staff (l-r) 'Alex Love, Natalie O'Hara, Patsy Harvey, Chloe Clark , Phillip Russell and Kelly Haswell
The presents, alongside the bag they fell from the car in. Picture: Cathy John

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IT’S everywhere and shows no signs of going away... and this team from the Kings Theatre are the latest to take on the Ice Bucket Challenge.

The News’ canine mascot Chipper joined his Kings Theatre counterpart, Kingsley the Bear, in giving the dowsing.

The duo dumped a freezing shower of icy water on to six members of the Southsea theatre’s sales and marketing team, prompting shrieks of shock and delight from onlookers.

The Kings marketing manager Kelly Haswell said it was the second time many of the team had done the challenge – but knowledge of what was coming didn’t help.

Ms Haswell said: ‘We were all a bit nervous because most of us had done it, so we knew how cold it was going to be.

‘But we knew it was for a good cause and didn’t want to let anybody down.’

Ms Haswell said other theatre staff members were there to support their colleagues.

She said: ‘The mascots stood behind us throwing water and there were other members of staff there throwing water from the sides.

‘It was freezing cold. I got off lightly, but some of the other girls got drenched head to toe.’

The theatre’s promotions manager Sandra Smith said: ‘Before it, you could see the anticipation on their faces, and afterwards there was a lot of shivering and dancing going on. It was for a good cause and it was a bit of fun.’

Before the dowsing Ms Haswell challenged a trio of other teams to do the deed.

Ms Haswell nominated the Groundlings Theatre Company, The Akash Indian restaurant in Albert Road and even staff at The News.

She said: ‘We thought they would be up for the challenge.

‘It’s helped raise awareness and raise money for what is a really big, important cause.’

Thousands of people across the area have taken up the Ice Bucket Challenge throughout August as the act has become popular around the globe.

Pompey coach Andy Awford, club legend Alan Knight and Portsmouth City Council leader Donna Jones are just some of those who have volunteered to have buckets of freezing water tipped over their heads.

The challenge has raised millions for charities, much of it in the UK for the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

On Thursday The News reported that supermarkets had sold out ice as customers rushed to stock up for the challenge.