Ice cream vendor hits back at price claims

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THE owner of a catering business has defended the cost of ice creams following a backlash on prices at the Portsmouth Summer Show.

Mike Woods owns the firm South Coast Event Catering, which had two ice cream vans at the show in King George V playing field in Cosham.

Around 15,000 people attended, and some complained about the high prices of food and drink – including paying £4 for an ice cream.

However Mr Woods has defended the cost and said cheaper ice creams were available.

He said: ‘The £4 ice cream was the most expensive we had and was the knickerbocker glory.

‘But we were also selling ice lollies from £1.50, a small Whippy ice cream was £2, a medium was £2.50 and a large was £3.

‘For the two wagons we needed to pay £500 each plus VAT, and we also needed to cover staff costs to cover the stalls from 8am to 11pm.’

Mr Woods added: ‘The event was great and I can understand why people might not like paying £5 for a burger or £6 for a drink.

‘But at these sorts of events people need to realise the price will go up because of the charges and the overheads.’