Ice trek starts after delays

BIG WALK Ian Prickett
BIG WALK Ian Prickett
Picture: Malcolm Wells

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AFTER a delay due to bad weather, a team started their trek across Antarctica yesterday.

The five-man Coldest Journey team, which includes Ian Prickett, 35, from Gosport will face temperatures of –90C as they trek 2,400 miles to complete the final polar challenge.

They left the ice shelf at Crown Bay in Antarctica and will cross the continent in its winter.

The team will pass the South Pole on the way to Captain Scott’s base at McMurdo Sound, travelling for months in complete darkness.

As reported, expedition leader Sir Ranulph Fiennes was forced to pull out after he suffered frostbite to his hand.

He had taken off a glove to adjust one of his skis.

The team will now be entirely self-sufficient.

The expedition hopes to raise £6.4m for charity Seeing is Believing.