‘I’m off potatoes for good after finding a worm in my Aunt Bessie's roastie’ says Cowplain mum

A MUM has vowed to never eat a potato again after finding a worm inside a frozen spud.

Friday, 18th January 2019, 12:09 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 5:50 pm
Kerry Edwards says she won't go near a potato again. Picture: Chris Moorhouse (150119-25)

Kerry Edwards, 25, found the worm inside an Aunt Bessie’s roast potato, during the middle of having dinner with her family.

The mum-of-two says she was violently sick, and will never eat a potato again.

Miss Edwards, of Passingham Walk, Cowplain, has described the ordeal as ‘very traumatic’.

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Kerry Edwards says she won't go near a potato again. Picture: Chris Moorhouse (150119-25)

She said: ‘I had cooked a cottage pie and done some potatoes with it for me and the kids.

‘I bit into one potato and it tasted really earthy – like it had just been pulled out of the ground.

‘I looked down and then I saw the worm inside; it was horrifying.

‘The sight of it made me violently sick. We were all sat eating dinner together and my children were very freaked out.’

Kerry Edwards bit into a potato containing a worm Picture: Chris Moorhouse (150119-23)

During the week, Miss Edwards works as an SEN teacher, but had to take time off as a result of the incident.

She explained: ‘If you are sick you can’t go into school – but these SEN children rely on having us all in to support them.

‘That was the worst thing for me, I felt that I’d let these children down.'

But it isn’t just Miss Edwards who has been traumatised by the experience.

The worm inside the potato. Picture: Kerry Edwards

She says the incident has also had a huge impact on her two children – Autumn, age four, and Archie, five.

Miss Edwards said: ‘When I was being sick they were incredibly concerned.

‘They had chips the other day, and my little Autumn was looking inside each and every chip to make sure there wasn’t a worm in there.

‘I suppose there’s a funny side to that but it’s also quite sad to see.’

The mum-of-two says she will never eat a potato again – and is now demanding answers from Aunt Bessie’s.

She said: ‘I don’t understand how something like that gets past quality control – it shouldn’t happen.

‘I won’t go near another potato now, I think it’s put me off them for good.

‘It presents a slight problem because jacket potatoes are a staple of a teacher’s diet, but I’ll just have to find an alternative instead.’

A spokeswoman for Aunt Bessie’s has told The News that an official comment cannot be made until the investigation is concluded, but added that the technical team will be comparing the potato with a sample from the production run.

Compensation can then be discussed with Miss Edwards, depending on the outcome of the investigation.