In it for the Longhorn

BIG HORNS The English Longhorn cow at Staunton Country Park
BIG HORNS The English Longhorn cow at Staunton Country Park
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IT MAY look like any other cattle, but this female cow is causing a stir.

The horns of the English Longhorn are supposed to grow towards the face.

But mother nature obviously broke the rules with this cow.

She is the only one out of 200 of the herd at Staunton Country Park in Havant where the horns are growing in all directions.

Gordon Gardner, park manager, said: ‘Most of the time the horns curve in towards the face.

‘But with this cow they are all over the place.

‘It makes them look quite unique.’

The herd of Longhorns graze in fields at Leigh Park Gardens, across the road from Staunton’s main farm.

Mr Gardner added: ‘It’s a special breed and we are one of the only breeders in Britain.

‘Because of their horns they are more difficult to manage.’

Mr Gardner recently posted the picture of the cow on Twitter and was surprised when enthusiasts from around the world asked for more pictures.

The reason for the unusual horns is not known.