INTERNATIONAL: Video shows surgeons removing 639 nails from man's intestines (WARNING: Graphic content)

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You could say he had an iron constitution....

Doctors removed 639 nails from a man's intestines - using a magnet.

Some of the nails removed from the man's intestines

Some of the nails removed from the man's intestines

The 48-year-old had apparently gobbled down the two-inch spikes which miraculously didn't pierce his digestive system on the way down.

Doctors found them inside his intestines with an endoscopy and cut him open to find hundreds of nails.

A video shows doctors at Calcutta Medical College and Hospital fishing out the 1.06kg of nails out with a magnet.

Dr. Siddhartha Biswas, associate professor of surgery, said: "The nails had displaced the intestine.

"The nails are mostly bigger than two inches and quite sharp but luckily there was no major perforation in the GI tract.

"We made a 10cm incision in the abdomen and removed the nails using a magnet.

"We also extracted soil."

The surgery earlier this week lasted one hour and 45 minutes.