Is this the city’s laziest pigeon?

The pigeon on board the ferry
The pigeon on board the ferry
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A FEATHERED stowaway has been spotted making a cross-Channel trip – without a single flap of its wings.

A lazy pigeon was spotted on board a ferry service yesterday afternoon, making its way from St Malo in France to Portsmouth.

But his journey did not begin on the continent.

Passenger James McLaughlin explained: ‘He was on the overnight outbound ferry from Portsmouth and is now on his way back home.

‘I’d like to find out who he belongs to, so they can find out about his cross-Channel journey.’

In an attempt to keep the pigeon away from harm, James attached a note to the door leading out on to the deck where the bird was resting.

The note read: ‘Please mind the pigeon when you open the door!’.

The message of warning was also accompanied by a small doodle.

It is not yet known whether the bird departed the service upon arriving in Portsmouth yesterday afternoon, or whether it simply fancied another ferry ride across the Channel.