Isaac Waddington sits GCSE exam as Britain’s Got Talent winner admits she used stunt double dog

  • The 15-year-old came fifth in ITV talent show
  • Revealed he sat history exam just hours later
  • Plans to continue writing music and will release on social media
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BRITAIN’S Got Talent star Isaac Waddington settled into the first day of life post the talent show by sitting a history exam - as a row erupted around the winner.

Jules O’Dwyer has said she is “shocked and surprised” by the public’s reaction to her revelation that she used a stunt double dog for her winning sketch.

The guide dog trainer, who beat Welsh choir Cor Glanaethwy and magician Jamie Raven to the £250,000 prize with a sketch involving a tightrope and stolen sausages, told ITV’s Lorraine show that another border collie - Chase - walked the parallel ropes in their act, because Matisse is not keen on heights.

Annoyed fans expressed their irritation on Twitter, saying that another dog had performed the trick which won them the show while a statement from the show’s producers suggested the judges were also not aware that a second dog had been used for the trick.

O’Dwyer said: “I was surprised, I was shocked because I’m thinking ‘Why?’. I spent so much time creating this lovely story - I wanted to make it exciting for the people watching. I wanted that ‘wow’ nail-biting element (where they’re at) the edge of their seat, I wanted people to laugh so I wanted the comedy and the humour and then I wanted that ‘awww’.

Meanwhile, following his spellbinding fifth-place performance on Sunday, it was business as usual for the 15-year-old as he sat he began two weeks of GCSE exams at Portsmouth Grammar School.

Official video shows Isaac Waddington’s performance in the final of the TV show.

Despite losing out to a performing dog, Isaac said he is not upset and is looking forward to the future.

‘Finishing fifth was good for me,’ said Isaac, from Portchester.

‘I had to remember it’s a variety show and they’re not necessarily looking for a singer so I went on there for the experience and it was really good. I was chuffed to finish top five.’

After racing back home after the final, in London, Isaac slept for a few hours before getting up early for his exam.

He joked: ‘So that was a nice way to rollout of the finals! A few people on the way to school asked for pictures and stuff. That was crazy.

‘Then when I got into school I got loads of congratulations from my mates. It was nice – it was a good vibe.’

Following his exams, Isaac plans to relax ‘more than he has ever relaxed before’.

But he plans to keep writing music, learn more covers and record and get them out via social media.

He said: ‘Overall it’s taught me a lot and I feel ready to go out and do more stuff now.’

For Isaac the highlight was the moment the entire audience and the judges got to their feet after his stunning performance in the semi-final.

He said: ‘That felt like a real achievement for me and Simon was pretty chuffed with what I did.

‘I’m speechless for the people who voted for me.

‘I had no idea that people would pick up the phone that many times. I’m really thankful for that.’

Isaac performed his version of Billy Joel’s She’s Always a Woman, and was given a glowing review by the judges on the ITV show.

Judge Simon Cowell said he thought the teenager could have a big career as a recording artist.

‘It was weird seeing the judges because I’ve grown up seeing them through a screen,’ said Isaac.

‘So to see them in real life, 10 metres in front of you, was kind of abnormal.

‘Simon is unpredictable. He could say something nice or bad. He is as scary as he is on TV.’

Isaac was overheard singing by a customer at his father Scott’s boatyard, in Portchester.

He was encouraged to audition for Prebendal choir school in Chichester, and has never looked back.