‘It restored my faith in humanity’

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AFTER leaving her purse in a supermarket, a pensioner wants to thank the man who handed it in.

Jean Parslow from Portsmouth had just finished shopping in Tesco on Palmerston Road yesterday morning when she realised she had left her purse in the store.

The 81-year-old said: ‘About 20 minutes after I left the shop I realised I had left my purse on the side and it would have been in full view of anyone so I went back to check not thinking for a moment it would be there and it had been handed in.’

A man had handed Jean’s purse to the cashier at the till shortly after she left the shop at 10.30am.

Jean said: ‘It restored my faith in humanity that in this day and age someone would be so kind and honest and hand it in.

‘There was not much in it apart from cards but I would have never dreamt my purse would still be there and I would really like to thank the gentleman for handing it in to the shop.’