‘It’s a damn nuisance’ – woman’s fury over cold calling

Angie Driscoll
Angie Driscoll
Tyler Smith

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A HAYLING woman is demanding an end to cold calling after receiving up to six nuisance calls a day.

Angie Driscoll, 61, says she is at her wits end after being bombarded with marketing phone calls and text messages selling services such as accident compensation and PPI claims.

The final straw came when her husband Chris, a retired accountant, was recovering in bed after a major operation and was woken up several times by the phone calls – many made internationally.

Mrs Driscoll, of Bracklesham Road, said: ‘When he first came out of hospital, he was needing to sleep a lot during the day.

‘The last thing you want is the phone ringing with these people.

‘We had one particular day, when I had a couple of text messages and four phone calls on the phone. I was just so cross because he had got woken up.’

Mrs Driscoll has signed up to the Telephone Preference Service to shield unwanted phone calls, but still gets international calls from companies.

She runs her own catering business, Cottage Cuisine, and also has relatives living abroad, and so relies on her telephone as a way of keeping in touch.

Mrs Driscoll added: ‘The message is definitely not getting though.

‘Particularly on international phone calls, they just don’t take any notice at all.

‘They say the same thing “Hello, is it a nice sunny day?”

‘I don’t want to have a trivial conversation with somebody I don’t even know who’s trying to sell me something that I don’t even want in the first place.

‘It’s wrong that we have to go to all these different lengths to get rid of these phone calls.

‘You can get four or five in a day.

‘It’s a damn nuisance.’

Mrs Driscoll is now keeping a log of all the unwanted calls.

She called for tough fines against companies that persistently hound the public with marketing calls.

It comes as a Glasgow-based firm was fined £90,000 last month for bombarding the public with thousands of unwanted marketing calls, becoming the first company to be fined for a breach of privacy and communications regulations.

Almost 2,000 people complained to the Information Commissioner’s Office and the Telephone Preference Service about kitchen-fitting company DM Design.

The information commissioner, Christopher Graham, said the company had ‘blighted the public’ with its cold-calling, adding that the fine would not be the last and other firms were under investigation.

DM Design consistently failed to check whether individuals had opted out of receiving marketing calls – a clear breach of the law – and only responded to a handful of the complaints it received.

Complaints about nuisance phone calls can be directed to the Information Commissioner’s Office at ico.org.uk/complaints/marketing or by calling 0303 123 1113.