It’s all in a day’s work for funnyman Benji

LAUGHING Benji Brinkley
LAUGHING Benji Brinkley
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AFTER stacking shelves at Asda for the last 11 years, it was quite a surreal moment for Benji Brinkley as he was filmed doing his job for a national television campaign.

The 33-year-old was filmed chatting with customers at the store in Bedhampton for an advertisement.

Crews spent three days shooting at the store.

It is the latest television appearance for Benji, who is a budding comedian and is determined to make it to the top one day.

He recently appeared on Sky 1’s Don’t Stop Me Now, a talent show with a cruel edge where the audience act as judge and jury with potentially stomach-churning consequences.

In Benji’s case, he was sent flying into the air on a harness after audiences voted him off.

However, filming the advert was much less daunting for Benji, who lives in Sissinghurst Road, Portchester.

He said: ‘I was down in the fruit and veg section interacting with the customer.

‘They put in a voice over.

‘It took 17 takes to get it right because they kept changing things.

‘Maybe I will get a speaking part next time which would be nice!

‘It was really good.

‘Wherever there’s a camera, I’m there!’

Benji was featured in The News in 2004 when he turned up on the doorstep of his idol Freddie Starr to get some tips.