It’s an Eastney home from home for this sneaky fox

VISITOR Fox on the sofa
VISITOR Fox on the sofa
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THIS wily old fox sneaked into an Eastney house and made himself at home.

Residents living in the shared house in Hester Road were shocked to see the friendly creature curled up on a sofa in the lounge.

It is thought the fox got into the house through an unlocked door in the kitchen.

The housemates tried to coax the furry friend out of the property by banging umbrellas on the front window for 15 minutes.

Eventually the fox fled out of the back door.

Nina Ejerregarrd, who lives in the house, said it was not the first time a fox has entered her home.

She said: ‘Someone knocked on my door in the morning saying there was a fox in the living room.

‘It was a surprise.

‘I don’t know how long he was lying in there for but we couldn’t get it out.

‘We think someone didn’t lock the door in the kitchen. It walked through it and into the living room.

‘It seems like a good thing to be a fox in the city.

‘It looked like it was sleepy.

‘He was calm and didn’t look like he wanted to move.

‘We were taking lots of photos and he was looking at us like he was thinking “that’s fine with me”.

‘People outside were looking at us banging on the window with umbrellas like we were morons.

‘When people forget to lock the door it’s been in before and I think he likes it here, but I don’t think he would pay rent.’