It’s Back to the Future day... but what were we reporting on this day in 1985 (and yes, you could get a car for £85!)

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IT’S the date that famously featured in Back to the Future, when Marty McFly leapt forward 30 years.

Here were take a look at what was making The News on that day.

- Pompey beat Crystal Palace 1-0 that weekend, which extended the club’s lead to seven points at the summit of Division Two. Sadly the side missed out on promotion to the old Division One that season, coming fourth.

- 23 stone Southsea man George East was preparing for ‘nocturnal flights to fantasy’ after finally having his reinforced Redwood bed moved in to his house.

- Tonight, 30 years ago, the new series of Allo, Allo! was starting on BBC One at 8:25pm, with hapless owner Rene once again trying his best, but probably failing, to keep everyone happy.

- On two of the other three channels on TV 30 years ago was Coronation Street on TVS and Brookside on Channel 4.

- A mass meat protest on Commercial Road, outside McDonald’s, was foiled by police as World Food Week began in earnest.

- If you fancied a night of fun and entertainment in Portsmouth 30 years ago, you could take a trip to the cinema to see Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan, or take part in some dance lessons held by Barrie, the Southern Area’s Disco Champion.

- And finally, they’re not quite Marty McFly’s DeLorean Time-Machine, but many cars were available second hand in The News 30 years ago. A Vauxhall Viva, 1968, for example, would set you back just £85.