It’s no joke! I’m locked in the loo!

Shappi Khorsandi

STAFF at a Southsea pub thought the joke was on them when comedy star Shappi Khorsandi called for help after locking herself in the toilet.

But bar staff at The Duke of Devonshire soon realised it was no laughing matter – and passed her a screwdriver over the gap at the top of the door so she could get herself out.

The comedian used it to unscrew the lock before walking back into the bar.

Shappi, 39, who has appeared on television shows Friday Night With Jonathan Ross and 8 out of 10 Cats, was in Portsmouth meeting a friend for a drink at the Albert Road pub on Tuesday night when she got herself in the embarrassing situation.

Later the she posted on Twitter: ‘I got locked in a toilet in Portsmouth pub (Duke of Devonshire).

‘Barmaid passed me a screwdriver to get myself out.’

Barmaid Rachael Stevenson said she was about to lock-up at about 11.30pm when Kevin Goodall, a member of the pub’s darts team, heard someone shout for help.

‘He was outside having a cigarette when he suddenly heard a noise coming from the ladies’ toilet.

‘He pressed his ear against the door and told me he could hear someone shouting “help me, I’m stuck in the toilet!”

‘I went in and tried opening the door from the outside but it wouldn’t budge. ‘In the end we passed a screwdriver over the gap at the top of the door and she let herself out.

‘Though she was pretty sheepish when she came out the loo she was in good spirits. She must have been stuck in there for a good 15 minutes.

‘We’ve ordered a new lock now, and hopefully something like this won’t happen again because it’s an even simpler mechanism. We think she had managed to break off part of the lock and that’s why she couldn’t get out.’

Rachael admitted that she didn’t even know who the star was until landlady Mollie Powell’s son Martin Powell searched her name on the internet.

Paula Jess, who also works at the pub, added: ‘I wasn’t working at the time but when I found out what happened I thought it was hilarious.’

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