It’s October - but the search for Santa is on

Picture: Malcolm Wells

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IT MAY seem too far away to be thinking about Christmas.

But the search is on to find a Santa Claus.

The Lions Club of Swanwick is desperately looking for volunteers to help with the role of Father Christmas.

In December, the club will be taking out its sleigh to shopping centres to collect cash for good causes.

But it hasn’t got enough volunteers to fill the role of Santa.

Ivor Dugdale-Jenkins, of the Swanwick Lions Club, said chrildren love seeing the sleigh being pulled around, but the club won’t be able to do it unless more people come forward.

He said: ‘People take photographs of their kids with sleighs; they love it.

‘But we’re getting older and most local streets have cars parked everywhere so it’s hard to go round.’

Ideally the club is looking for six Santas over a period of two weeks in the run-up to Christmas with sessions running for 90 minutes.

Instead of travelling the streets, in recent years the club has been able to continue with its sleigh collections at fixed venues throughout the neighbourhood such as Lockswood shopping centre and Whiteley shopping centre.

However even this is in jeopardy due to lack of volunteers.

All donations go to charitable projects including its main charity, the Fareham Food Bank.

Last year two members of the club announced it was their last year in helping out with the sleigh collections and now they are critically short of men to help with the role of Santa Claus.

If you wish to join the club or help out then you can phone the secretary on 0845 8334359.