‘It’s the best thing I have ever done... it beats any holiday’

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MANY head to Kenya to go on safari.

But these students decided to steer clear of the tourist traps and help out poor schoolchildren.

HELPING OUT From left, Jessica Seal, Hannah Simpson and Bonnie Williams

HELPING OUT From left, Jessica Seal, Hannah Simpson and Bonnie Williams

Bonnie Williams, Jessica Seal and Hannah Simpson all raised £1,800 each to enable them to visit the African country and work with youngsters.

The Fareham College students made meals for the children and also helped them at school.

Bonnie, 18, said it was a real eye-opener to see what life was like out there.

‘When we got there it was a big shock,’ she said.

‘Nothing can prepare you for what it’s like.

‘But it’s the best thing I have ever done. It beats any holiday. We didn’t feel like we had done enough when we came home. It’s the best feeling being there and seeing how great they are.’

Many of the children suffered from Aids and while out there, the students paid for a man’s malaria treatment.

The students, who are studying a National Diploma in Travel and Tourism, were also taken around the slums in Kenya, and witnessed a shed with 15 people living in one confined space.

Bonnie added: ‘They were piled up on top of each other. The amount of flies was just horrible. At the end of our trip we went on a shopping trip and just got them a load of food. It would only last them about a month but to see how happy they were was just amazing. It only cost us about £5 each.’

Bonnie said she intends to return to Kenya to do it all over again.

‘I would do it again and would recommend it to anyone. It’s a big eye-opener,’ she said. ‘No matter how much people did tell us before we went, when we got there it was just the biggest culture shock ever.

‘We were walking in the streets having three-year-old kids crying saying they were hungry. Thinking about it now makes me upset.

‘For anyone who goes out there it does make you grateful for what you have got but it does make you feel selfish too. We take everything for granted.’