‘It’s time fans were banned from driving in on match days’

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WE asked you your views on our story about traffic wardens not patrolling around Fratton on Pompey matchdays over fears of violence.

Here are some views from our Facebook page.

Neil Hood: ‘Why would you want to go into an area that’s potentially violent. Why fuel a fire?’

Belinda Cleary: ‘Perhaps the police should be accompanying them! The only time we need parking permits is match day, that was the whole point of them!’

Ruth Appleby: ‘So violence is the solution to not getting a parking ticket?’

Eric De Greef: ‘I can understand why the wardens don’t want to go there but that just means that the bullies are winning and that is seriously worrying me.’

Gareth Smith: ‘So you need a permit to park unless it’s at the time when it’s most busy with non-residents!’

Sally Holmes: ‘Use the park and ride then! And walk or use public transport or get a taxi usually come to matches with mates so split the difference.’

Ruth Giles: ‘They are still breaking the law. Why should they get away with it?’

Andy Wood: ‘Why not send them in while the match is on and be gone before it finishes?’

Amelia Louise Ashton-Brooke: ‘PFC should employ private security to protect traffic wardens then.’

Maria Burr: ‘Open up the car park in B&Q, they don’t need all that space.’

Ian Hodges: ‘Surely if you put a ticket on a car between 3-5pm the driver won’t be around anyway to turn violent?’

Neil Hood: ‘Only solution really is ANPR the entrances and exits to the zone and issue through the post to any vehicle not registered as having a permit that overstays?’

Jo Thompson: ‘Make it permit holders only match days, no two hours grace.’

Ellen Waterman: ‘I think it’s about time fans were banned from driving into the city on match days.’

Jo Smith: ‘I know where I’m parking now then’

Pam Harper: ‘So this means some people who have to pay for a permit wont be able to park on match days. That doesn’t sound right to me!’