It was a rock solid proposal for these romantic love birds

Casey Smith's proposal written on a stone
Casey Smith's proposal written on a stone
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AN UNUSUAL proposal has ‘rocked’ one mother’s world.

Casey Smith found a very special stone when she and her partner Eden Britton took out their three-year-old son Chase Britton to search for painted rocks.

Eden Britton and Casey Smith

Eden Britton and Casey Smith

Portchester resident Casey said: ‘We like to take our son Chase out to search for rocks and that day we went to Portchester Castle.

‘Chase picked up a rock and asked me what was written on it and I read it and it said Casey will you marry me and then Eden had a sparkly rock for me.’

Eden had painted the rock with nail varnishes whilst Casey was out of the house and hidden it the day before.

The 26-year-old said: ‘I really hoped no one else would find it before us and then when we went out I said to Chase what is over there.

Casey Smith's engagement ring

Casey Smith's engagement ring

‘I thought it was something really unusual and something we would both remember forever because usually if I try to surprise her she works it out so I was really pleased that I managed to keep this a secret.’

The couple, who have been together for nearly six years, are planning to wed in 2019.

Casey said: ‘It was overwhelming.

‘I nearly cried and we were all so happy.’

After the proposal Casey put the pictures on to her local hidden rocks social media page, Portchester Rocks, started by Laura McInnes.

Casey said: ‘I put all the photos on to the Facebook page and lots of people have liked it and saying how lovely and thoughtful it was.’

Laura originally started the group after seeing several other groups in the area start up.

Laura said: ‘We now have 2,268 members on our Facebook Page and I never thought it would lead to something like a marriage proposal.

‘I hoped it would just brighten people’s day, put a smile on their face.’

The 60-year-old added: ‘I would like to say many congratulations to Casey and her fiancé and wish them lots of happiness for the future.

‘Hopefully they may be able to have a Portchester rock theme on their wedding day.’