Jade’s at her best when she’s up on stage

Jade Kelly
Jade Kelly
Picture: Malcolm Wells

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SHE dreams of one day being on stage on Broadway.

So it was only right that hard-working 16-year-old Jade Kelly won the Stage Star award.

Jade enjoys performing because she uses it as a way to express herself.

Jade said: ‘I’m shocked. I didn’t expect to get it because it’s such a difficult category.

‘Performing means everything to me. I’m quite lost without it.

‘I was bullied a lot at school. Performing was a way to be a different character besides myself.

‘I have wanted to be on Broadway since I was young. That’s kept me together.’

The teenager plans to study music theatre at college.

She now mentors other students who struggle with their identity.

Her mum Sharon Bolwell, 44, from Buckland, said: ‘I’m chuffed for her.

‘She’s had quite a difficult year at school. She has worked hard for the past couple of years.

‘It means a lot to her.

‘She wants to go to Broadway – that’s her dream.’

Meanwhile, Aimee Houghton won the Best Friend of the Year award.

She was nominated for the award by her aunt Sammy.

Sammy had to go to Plymouth for six months for residential treatment and Aimee has been very supportive to her aunt.