Jade’s wish list as she bids to make every day count

BIG PLANS Jade Salero.  Picture: Ian Hargreaves  (121298-8)
BIG PLANS Jade Salero. Picture: Ian Hargreaves (121298-8)
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A YOUNG woman who has been told a cyst on her brain could leave her blind has vowed to see all she can before losing her sight.

Jade Salero has promised herself she will make every day count by doing all the things she has always dreamed about.

On her hit list of places to visit are Canada’s famous Niagara Falls and the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon in Arizona.

She’s already made plans to enjoy a family trip to this year’s Isle of Wight Festival and longs to learn how to ski.

‘I’m probably going to lose my sight so I’m motivated to do all the things I want to do,’ said 27-year-old Jade, from Havant.

‘I’m trying not to worry about the things I can’t control because there are too many of them.

‘I’m just going to worry about the things I can change.’

Jade was diagnosed with a craniopharyngioma – a type of tumour – when she was 13 and has lived with a benign tumour and a cyst on her brain for 14 years.

But when she was told a second cyst had been found, doctors warned her that an operation to remove it could result in the loss of her eyesight.

She has already made the difficult decision not to have the cyst removed yet – preferring to make the most of the good days she has left.

‘The tumour doesn’t grow, it’s the cysts that are the problem,’ she explained.

‘The surgeons have said to hold on for as long as I can. When the second cyst affects my eyesight, that’s the time to remove it. I’ll hold on for as long as I can because it will change everything.’

Jade’s condition causes a build-up of pressure in the brain resulting in painful headaches.

As a teenager, she had radiotherapy and surgery to ease the pain and had learned how to cope.

So she was devastated when a scan at Southampton General Hospital last year revealed a second cyst.

Left to its own devices, the cyst will continue to put pressure on Jade’s brain and could lead to vision problems anyway.

But removing it altogether runs the risk of disturbing the optic nerve, robbing her of her sight permanently.

She’s recently found a new lease of life by training to become a Slimming World consultant in Bedhampton.

Her own experience of managing a weight problem while on steroids has made her passionate about helping others.

‘If I can stay like this, it’s manageable,’ she said.

‘I’m trying not to plan for the worst.

‘I just don’t want to waste any time really.

‘I want to concentrate on making myself happy.’