Jake the wandering hamster comes home

Olivia Elias (4) is reunited with her hamster Jake. ''''Picture: Allan Hutchings (132104-772)
Olivia Elias (4) is reunited with her hamster Jake. ''''Picture: Allan Hutchings (132104-772)
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WHEN Jake the hamster went missing from his cage, his family thought he was lost for good and they were left heartbroken

So when he turned up two weeks later in the next street along they couldn’t believe it.

Laura Stagno, and her two children Olivia and Hugo Elias, were devastated when their beloved pet went missing.

Jake, who belongs to four-year-old Olivia, escaped from his cage and with the hot weather, Laura feared the worst.

The mum-of-two, from Paulsgrove Road, North End, said: ‘I noticed one morning that Jake wasn’t in his cage.

‘I thought that I might have let him out by accident without realising while feeding him or cleaning him out.

‘But I always thought that my son, Hugo, who is one year old, might have opened the cage allowing him to escape.

‘Olivia was so upset but I told her that he had gone on holiday.’

But two weeks later someone from Preston Road, the next road down, turned up at their door with Jake.

Laura said that she could not believe it when he turned up safe and well.

‘A couple of weeks later, someone knocked at my door and asked if we had lost a hamster,’ she said.

‘I was shocked but said we had and it turned out that they had found him.

‘The neighbours were from the next road down and said they had found Jake taking refuge in one of their kitchen cupboards.

‘They notified their landlord, who is ours as well, and he told them the hamster might belong to us.’

The family who found Jake have several cats and dogs so Laura was surprised that he had survived,

She added: ‘I was amazed that not only had he managed to get to the next road but that he wasn’t killed by an animal of some sort.

‘We live in residential area so lots of the families have pets, especially cats and dogs. Not to mention birds or other wild animals that are in the area.

‘But Olivia was so happy when she found out and she couldn’t believe it.’

Laura added: ‘We don’t want a repeat of what happened so we have moved Jake to a new, secure home on top of the fridge.’