Jammy racers run in rings 
for doughnuts

The doughnut dash for Hampshire Autistic Society at the Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth
The doughnut dash for Hampshire Autistic Society at the Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth

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THIS was one running event that participants could go dough-nuts for.

In a twist to simply going around the track at the Mouthbatten Centre, in Portsmouth, people were given a sweet treat part way through.

The Doughnut Dash was held yesterday and was organised by Dave King.

Participants were asked to do eight laps around the track, then stop to eat three doughnuts, before doing another three laps.

Money raised from the event went to the Hampshire Autistic Society, which provides a range of services and schools in the country.

The event was held to coincide with the London Olympics.

In all, 90 people took part in the event, including 75-year-old John Down.

Mr Down, of Maynard Place, Horndean, said: ‘I do a lot of charity runs and I thought to myself “this one sounds different”.

‘I have to say I didn’t really like eating the doughnut after eight laps, but that was part of the challenge.

‘My pace substantially slackened after I ate them.

‘But I like to support children’s and hospice charities, so it was all worthwhile.’

Mr Down runs a music drama studio from his home with his wife Ursula, 71, and said keeping fit is important to him.

‘After I was unable to play rugby, I was told by my doctor to do three40-minute runs a week,’ he added. ‘So that’s when I decided I would run to raise money.’

About 15 children took part in a two-lap version.

Mr King said: ‘The event went well and I would like to do it again.

‘Something like this has never been done in the UK and I thought it would be a good way to raise money and awareness of the charity.

‘My 15-year-old son is autistic and I’ve done smaller fundraising events before. This one was fun.’