Jenny Davies answers our questions

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See how Jenny got on answering ten questions set by The News.

1) What’s the capital of Italy?

Brad Holmes and Jenny Davies

Brad Holmes and Jenny Davies

2) Who’s the top-ranked British tennis player at the moment?

3) Which 1960s band included Mick, Keith, Bill and Charlie?

4) Which English county has the longest coastline?

5) Dappy used to be a singer in which band?

6) Alex Ferguson was the manager of which football club for 26 years?

7) Who is the current Chancellor of the Exchequer?

8) What’s the name of Portsmouth’s main hospital?

9) What’s the number of the motorway leading into Portsmouth?

10) Which famous author, who was born in Portsmouth, has a birthplace museum dedicated to him?

* Answers below

1) Rome, 2) Andy Murray, 3) The Rolling Stones, 4) Cornwall, 5) N-Dubz, 6) Manchester United, 7) George Osborne, 8) Queen
 Alexandra Hospital 9) M275, 10) Charles Dickens