Joe’s Pompey bucket list is complete with picture in The News

Joe's picture on page 3 of The News today
Joe's picture on page 3 of The News today
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IT started off as a joke between friends, but then Joe Elvin decided to take on the challenge – his own personal Portsmouth bucket list.

The 26-year-old has lived in the city all his life but is leaving for a new job in London.

So a month ago, he started his quest to complete 10 tasks before he left.

‘I have lived in Portsmouth for my whole life and grew up in Cosham.

‘When I went away to university in Bournemouth, I had a Pompey season ticket so I was back most weekends.

‘When I realised I was moving away, it just hit me. It is not until these things come up that you realise how much you like somewhere.

‘One of my housemates just suggested it for a laugh and then I thought to myself I should do it.

‘A lot of my friends have got involved and it was a really fun thing to do.’

One of the first challenges he completed was watching Pompey score from the Fratton end. Joe watched the 2-2 draw with Wycombe.

‘Most of the things I had never done before which is why I was keen to do them. I have gone up to Portsdown Hill in the day before but I’ve never watched the sun rise – it was the first time I had done that.

‘I have had one of Mick’s Monster Burgers before, too, and a roast at my mum’s house.’

Most of Joe’s other tasks on the list were suggestions by friends and things he had always wanted to do – like get his picture in The News.

‘It’s something I have always wanted,’ he said.

One of the more embarrassing was acting like a pirate on board HMS Warrior.

‘I used to work at the dockyard but I’d never been on board. I was jumping around saying “shiver me timbers”. It was quite busy and people gave me lots of funny looks.

Other new experiences for Joe include stripping off on Eastney nudist beach.

‘There wasn’t anyone down there,’ he said. ‘It was quite funny. I did not do it for very long. It was my mate that dared me to do that one. The one at the Wedgewood Rooms was quite difficult because it was one of their club nights. It was early on in the evening and I went to the heavy metal room.

‘I saw some rocky looking guys and thought ‘this is the time’. They took some convincing but after a while they joined in.’

Joe completed his bucket list when he completed a pub crawl down Albert Road in Southsea on New Year’s Eve.

Joe’s bucket list

1) Watch the sun rise on Portsdown Hill

2) Celebrate one more goal in the Fratton End

3) Polish off a Mick’s Monster Burger

4) Complete an Albert Road pub crawl

5) Start a mosh pit at the Wedgewood Rooms

6) One more Sunday roast at mum’s

7) Get naked on Eastney nudist beach

8) Act like a pirate onboard HMS Warrior

9) Eat too much cake at The Tenth Hole

10) Get my photo in The News