Joy as homeless cancer patient is found a home

HAPPY Roy Haudiquet and his dog Winston. Picture: Allan Hutchings (150705-936)
HAPPY Roy Haudiquet and his dog Winston. Picture: Allan Hutchings (150705-936)
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AFTER four years living on the streets, a home has finally been found for Roy Haudiquet.

The 53-year-old appealed for help from News readers earlier this year after he was diagnosed with severe prostate cancer.

He has had to undergo intensive chemotherapy treatment while sleeping rough in bus shelters, stairwells and shop doorways.

But Roy has spoken of his joy after Portsmouth City Council managed to find a flat for him and his faithful dog Winston.

He said: ‘It’s brilliant news.

‘The council rang me the other day to tell me they had a place they thought would be suitable for me.

‘I went up to look at it and it’s a bit of a mess at the moment but once it has been decorated it will be perfect for me and Winston.

‘I’ve been living on the streets for a long, long time now.

‘Many times I’ve tried to find somewhere to live but as a single man in my 50s I’ve been way down the priority list for the councils.

‘Then I became ill and it was so awful not having anywhere warm and safe to spend the night.

‘So I’m absolutely chuffed to get this place and to be able to take Winston with me.’

Mr Haudiquet was previously offered accommodation by Portsmouth City Council, which owns a large amount of social housing in Leigh Park, where Mr Haudiquet is from.

But he refused to accept the offerings because he was not allowed to take his dog with him.

It meant he has been sleeping rough throughout the gruelling treatment he is undergoing for prostate cancer.

He said: ‘My chemotherapy finishes on April 30 and I should be moving into my flat on May 8.

‘It will be such a relief because it has been really tough dealing with the treatment and having nowhere to live.

‘My immune system is very low and I’ve got to be so careful about catching infections.

‘I’m very weak and much more prone to illnesses now. Although the chemo is ending I’m going to be on hormones for up to a year.

‘But I would like to say a really big thank you to everyone who has helped me and supported me – especially The News.

‘I’m looking forward to a new chapter in my life and starting again.

‘Just before I was diagnosed with cancer I got a job cleaning for Portsmouth City Council. It meant I couldn’t start it. But I’m hoping that once I’m better I can take the job up.

‘I’m so grateful to everyone for all they have done to help me get to this day.’

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