Joy for Gosport family as daughter is finally reunited with them

(l-r) Wendy Taylor with daughters Julie Taylor and Winona Clemente, and Neil Taylor at their home in Gosport. ''Picture: Paul Jacobs (143050-1)
(l-r) Wendy Taylor with daughters Julie Taylor and Winona Clemente, and Neil Taylor at their home in Gosport. ''Picture: Paul Jacobs (143050-1)
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A MOTHER has been reunited with her daughter after a long fight to bring her to the UK.

Wendy Taylor has been battling with the Home Office to bring her Filipino daughter Winona Clemente to Gosport.

Yesterday morning, after spending 13 days in the Philippines, Wendy and her husband Neil arrived home to Otter Close with Winona.

Wendy said: ‘We are happy to have Winona here with us now.

‘It is fantastic that after all the trouble we went through, that they agreed to her coming to live here.

‘We are ecstatic. Winona is happy too but it is all very new for her.’

As previously reported in The News Neil and Wendy have been trying to get Winona to Gosport for the past eight months.

But the Home Office refused saying Mrs Taylor did not have ‘sole responsibility’ for her daughter’s upbringing.

Winona, 16, and her 15-year-old sister Jody have been living with their grandmother in the Philippines while Neil and Wendy pay for their education.

But now Winona has finished school, Neil said it is a relief she can come to the UK.

He said: ‘We are just relieved that this whole thing is over. It has been really difficult trying to sort things out with people not giving the correct information.

‘But after spending 13 days in the Philippines and encountering some more issues, Winona is now home.

‘We are all really happy she’s coming home and her young sister, our daughter Julie, is really excited to see her older sister.’

The family now plan to bring Jody over to the UK but they want her to finish her education first.

Neil added: ‘We wanted the girls to finish their education to give them the best chance over here.

‘The qualifications they get are the equivalent to GCSEs but they would struggle to achieve them over here because English isn’t their first language.

‘For us, it was very important they get a good education.’

And Wendy is feeling more optimistic about bringing Jody to the UK.

She said: ‘Now we know what we are doing, we hope getting Jody here will be a lot easier.

‘We know how to answer all the questions and we are feeling good about it.’